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What can Automated Interstellar Exchange System [AIES] do?
  AIES could be used to exchange for services and/or goods provided by the International Group of Anthony. It is something like a point or currency of the IGA and it is accepted by all IGA departments. Current AIES exchange rate is 100 AIES to 1 USD. You may use AIES on IGA Online Store or here for the limited service and goods.

How to earn AIES?

  AIES could be earned by purchasing products on IGA Online Store with money, telling a friend by using a referral link in you account page, post a referral link to your social media, watching MBC broadcast at a rate of 1 AIES per minute. You can get better AIES earning rate by being a Visionary or Mobscriber. Get 2X AIES for being a Gold Mobsionary, 3X for Platinum Mobsionary, 4X for Diamond Mobsionary, 5X for eXtreme Mobsionary.

Are there any limitation?

  No! What you earn is what you can spend, like cash AIES will never expire! So enjoy your worry-free shopping with AIES. You can also purchase AIES by filling the form below!

The service and/or goods available on MBC website or purchase AIES here:

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