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MBC Arena

Monster Buster Club Arena Now Open For Rent!!
Come And Join The Fun!!

Tickets Priced at 199 flux per pax

Battle Modes:

Capture The Flag
Make your way to the Mid-Point or Enemy Territory to grab the Flags and Capture them in your base to secure Points.             (1 and 3 Points respectively)

Team Death Match
Kill as many foes within the specific time period to secure points for your team and lead your team into victory!!(not supported IRL)

Arena Information:
This Arena comprises of 2 towers each for both The Red Team and The Blue Team

All Towers give a panoramic view of the whole Arena. This ensures one to be able to see their foe from the distance. These towers also acts as a platform to surprise your enemies from above where they least expect their foe to appear.

This Arena is situated on a large flat Green Field where PVP will be fair and balanced (solely skill based)

Spawn Points for each team are located either at the centre of the Arena, at the base of the towers, at the top of those towers or next to the Team Flags

There are two paths that lead to the Capture Point
- From the top of the respective towers
- From the Mid-Point

Both of Paths have been tweaked to increase the difficulty to capture the flag. One needs to Parkour to the Capture Point with added Spikes and icy floors for the paths from the Mid-Point and The Towers respectively.
For More Information, Please Contact MBC at or find Anthonykung in Trove.

Date of Completion: 30 May 2016

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