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Friday 2 September 2016

TCS Match Schedule

Trovian Commercial Stadium Match Schedule

Join us on 15 exciting soccer matches. The entire event will be streaming live on Twitch for free. However, stadium live streaming viewer will not be able to bet or received anything from the piƱata. Free 1 hour audio broadcast by Monster Broadcasting Channel please click the play button above before you open Trove. Broadcast starts 30 minutes before the event starts.

Get Free Ticket for answering a quiz correctly! Only for first 10 contester.

NOTE: Please use world chat in the Stadium, Stadium Broadcast can be found on "/join Broadcast" DO NOT CHAT ON BROADCASTING CHANNEL. Please be online at least 20 minutes before opening time. For faster entry, please enter MBC club world at least 20 minutes before opening by typing "/joinworld Monster Buster Club MBC" and follow the purple sidewalk to the yellow portal. However, it is suggested to be online 1 hour before the opening.


Saturday, 03 December 2016, 03:00:00 UTC/GMT
Saturday, 03 December 2016, 11:00:00 Asia Time Zone
Friday,     02 December 2016, 21:00:00 EST 
Friday,     02 December 2016, 19:00:00 PST


Ticket: Normal [710 Seats] = 199 Flux
            VIP       [5 Seats]     = 2999  Flux
            MIP      [4 Seats]     = 3999  Flux

Click here to register.

Soccer Team

Soccer Player [5 per 16 teams]  = 199 Flux per person

Soccer Team [5 Players per Team] = 9995 Flux

Spectators can bet for the final winning team in the game. The reward is 3 times of the betting value. No Refund after soccer match has started. Anytime except the match ended are qualified for additional betting proceed to the service counter at the entrance. Betting is not required, at the time of betting you agree that you bet at your own free will and the flux betted are none refundable under any circumstances. Plus 10 Meagflux Tank!!!

Winning Award:

5 winter pinata for each of the winning team members and share among the spectators. MBC members will not interfere with this event. 5 shaper's vision [Titain's Treasure] will also be awarded to the winning team.

By entering MBC Club World you agree to obey the Rules that have been stated. Any violation will result in blacklisted or kick out permanently.

1. Strictly no profanity/obscene/rude/bad language and/or behavior. 

2. No refund after soccer match has started.

3. For some cases, Seat numbers are assigned do not change your seat with other players.

4. Strictly no cut queue. 

5. Non-members are only allowed to be found in the Stadium only anywhere else will require authorization. 

6. Bribery is strictly not allowed. 

7. Strictly no cheating. 

8. Do not invite any friend(s) without an entry code. 

9. Do not throw bombs, balls or anything else that interrupt with the match. 

10. Do not jump over your seat, stay still at your seat once the match has started.

11. Match Broadcast can be found on "/join Broadcast". Non-members are not allowed to post anything on that channel.

12. Non-members are only allowed to chat on world chat by "/2"

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