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Friday 22 July 2016


Trovetopia the Future of Trovian Entertainment

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Free Access For Anniversary Only!

Trovetopia is a new entertainment facility for Trove-wide trade, party, and activities. To visit Trovetopia please follow the step below.

Step 1, Use the Yellow Portal in MBC Central to teleport to Trovian Commercial Stadium.

Step 2, Use the Yellow Portal again in Trovian Commercial Stadium to teleport to Trovetopia.

Step 3, You have arrived at the gate of Trovetopia. More instruction on how to get in below.

Step 4, You will see a runway at the gate follow it to the Ticket Counter. Don't worry you won't be charged until 1 August 2016.

Step 5, When you entered you will found a sign asking you to choose a way. Choose left or right then start your journey to your doom. Oops I mean happiness.

Step 6, If you're lucky enough you shall find yourself in a temporary Party Room. This is where you will end up for now since the hub is still under construction.

Step 7, Normally we will put some gift in community chest so catch it if you're fast enough. Don't be greedy take only 1 leave some for other players. We can tell who take how many by using club log you will be blacklisted if you take more than 1.

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