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Saturday 11 June 2016

MBC Soccer Stadium [Trovian Commercial Stadium TCS] Grandeur Opening

MBC Soccer Stadium Grandeur Opening

MBC Soccer Stadium [Trovian Commercial Stadium, TCS] are coming live on Saturday, 2 July 2016, 01:40:00 UTC! Join us on 15 exciting soccer matches. The entire event including the preparation will be streaming live on Youtube for free. However, live streaming viewer will not be able to bet and received anything from the pinata.

NOTE: Please use world chat in the Stadium, Stadium Broadcast can be found on "/join Broadcast" DO NOT CHAT ON BROADCASTING CHANNEL.

Saturday, 2 July 2016, 01:40:00 UTC
Saturday, 2 July 2016, 09:40:00 Asia Time Zone
Friday,     1 July 2016, 21:40:00 EST
Friday,     1 July 2016, 18:40:00 PST

Ticket: Normal [710 Seats] = FREE

            VIP       [5 Seats]     = 2999  Flux

            MIP      [4 Seats]     = 3999  Flux

Click here to register.

Soccer Team
Soccer Player [5 per 16 teams]  = 199 Flux per person


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