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Trovetopia the Future of Trovian Entertainment

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  Not everybody can get into Trovetopia without losing some life and some flux. First of all, you will have to get through the MAZE with tons of lava and spike. Then you will still have to choose 1 of the 3 holes connected to lava, grave or mag rail. Don't think you're safe when you get to the mag rail. You gotta wait for your mag rail rider gain enough speed to get out of the cave then pass through some terrifying ride plus some great underwater view. Only then you will arrive at the top of the building, Trovetopia! So what does it looks like? Hmm, you gotta find it out yourself it's not fun if you already know what it's like isn't it?


Anniversary Discount! Limited Time Only

0 Flux Per Trovian

599 Flux  Per Trovian
Huge isn't it?
There's a special runway to fly but don't cheat or else you'll get kicked.
Come with runway
Well? Have you decided yet? Heaven or Hell?
Hmm, which hole do you prefer?

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